The Power of Better Data

We help you optimize attributes to help convert more customers

Data Sources

Rich realtime data partners including traditional and alternative credit data, identity verification, telco history, social media, websites, news, company registrations, public records, marketing files, and more


Realtime, unique, stable, accurate, compliant, high match rate off the shelf attributes, custom attributes, and hosted predictive scorecards, combining the best insight across multiple sources to assess consumer risk within your constraints

Data Discovery

Work with our Data Scientists to leverage proprietary risk guard rails and attributes within a custom workflows to optimize your customer acquisition through data, while minimizing cost and meeting other constraints

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Data Packages

Test our existing packages of attributes or build your own from our immense data library

  • Consumer Fraud: Guard rails to identify high risk applicants that other solutions miss

  • Email Intelligence: Personalize your customer experience with descriptive email based attributes

  • Watchlists: Check over fifty international lists with one lookup for both consumers and businesses
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Data Discovery

Data Scientists know there are plenty of data out there, but sometimes they are costly and complicated to acquire, integrate, and evaluate. No more custom contracts, opaque pricing, or rigid summary data. Clients work with our team to cast a wide net, integrate rapidly, and build optimized rules around only those attributes that count.

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Data Scientists want to focus on modeling, not data integration. Our clients integrate work with us to define the best package of attributes, including waterfalls, consistency checks, rules, and scorecards, ensuring you get the best data that you need. We take care of the realtime processing and deliver via batch, API, or dashboard.

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